About This Site

About this site

Why a blog? This blog was started in April of 2011, as we were preparing to move to Seoul. I wanted to not only record our experiences as we returned to living abroad, but also share them with my (very widely-scattered) friends and family.

Why 'Asia Vu'? The name Asia Vu was a tongue-in-cheek homage to our unexpected return to life in Asia (and living abroad in general.)  I anguished a bit about changing the name of the blog when we moved to the UK, but finally decided to let it stand.  What other phrase could ever capture this bizarre experience of stepping back into a world so new and, simultaneously, so very familiar?

Wherever we're living, MrL and I take every opportunity we can to explore  the part of the world we find ourselves in, and we love to travel (slightly) off the beaten track. Living in Asia and England has moved us closer to some slightly more exotic places, but we've learned to make the most of every place we live, at home or abroad.  We've hiked through underground lava tubes in Arizona, gone wreck diving in Bali, trekked through the jungle in Belize, and gone fell walking in England's Lake District (hint: bring walking poles).  Most recently, we cycled through Tuscany with a group of friends.  We like to explore on foot (or a bike!) and while we usually visit an area's main tourist attractions, we're always looking for that extra something that makes for a unique and authentic experience (warning:  I have a special affinity for offbeat museums and crypts) We round out our adventures by staying in interesting or unusual(not necessarily expensive) hotels/ B&Bs and seeking out eating and drinking establishments that combine great food and drink with a little 'something extra.' 


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