If You've Been Wondering: Typhoon Update

Rainy view of Mt. Namsan from our apartment courtesy of Typhoon Bolaven

It has been pointed out to me by more than just one person that my last blog post was something along the lines of 'Here comes the apocalyptic typhoon!' - after which I apparently dropped off the grid, blogwise, leaving some readers to think that perhaps things were a bit more dramatic than they actually were.  Naturally, since I knew we were all just fine, it didn't occur to me that I might have left a reader or two dangling - which I really do apologize for.  So....just in case you've been wondering whether or not the Asia Vu family survived Typhoon Bolaven - which I mentioned in my last melodramatic post was about to hit Seoul and cause untold devastation - have no fear.

My blogging silence has had nothing to do with Bolaven -I've actually just gone back to work after a summer off -, so if you've been picturing the AsiaVu family shivering in blankets and gratefully accepting cups of hot soup from Red Cross volunteers, let me put your minds at rest and assure you we came through without a scratch. In fact, Bolaven turned out to be something of a letdown as far as typhoons go.  Oh, there was some wind and a bit of lashing rain, but honestly - I've lived through plenty of thunderstorms in the Texas Hill Country that were far more frightening.  In addition, being halfway up a 34-story building means we didn't need to huddle in corners in fear of a neighbor's grill/diving board/lawn chair/golden retriever flying through our window at any moment.

The typhoon did end up causing great destruction to the south of us, though.  A friend of mine who lives south of Seoul posted on FaceBook that she'd just watched her neighbor's garage roof tear off and fly through the air - something that we really didn't see in our part of the country.  Based on the photos of the damage and cost reports from other areas, it looks like we dodged a bullet here in Seoul, and we're all very grateful.

As it turned out, Bolaven ended up taking a more westerly course than the folks at Weather Central (or whatever it's called in Korean) had anticipated, which meant that we in Seoul spent the day in the wind and the rain tensely awaiting the arrival of the 'real' typhoon - which never actually arrived.

Schools were closed, however, which made Son#2 and his friends very happy.

Following on Bolaven's heels, only a day later was Typhoon Temblin, which - while not very windy - efficiently produced just enough rain to make everyone thoroughly wet and miserable- thankfully, without causing any flooding.  Since MsCaroline travels to work via public transportation, she can report that the 'no flooding' statement does not necessarily apply to the particular sidewalks and streets which she navigates to and from work, but she is not going to be a complainer.

To sum up:  There was a lot of rain and wind, and we're all perfectly fine - just in case you've been wondering.


BavarianSojourn said…
Glad you all survived! Hope being back at work is going well too! :)
Glad to hear it wasn't too bad! I seem to remember from typhoons in Hong Kong that most of the time you just got rain. Then occasionally a nasty one would sneak up with very strong wind. But as you say, US weather can be just as scary - we regularly get really damaging thunderstorms on Long Island.

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