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Expat Life: Going topless

I'm not sure what it says about me that the event that has finally prompted me to resurrect my seemingly-expired blog was an awkward experience in a foreign country involving partial nudity.

For some reason, I hadn't been inspired by other seminal life events of 2019, such as:
 the two international moves we made in 8 months (oh, by the way, we live in Germany now) the romantic elopement of our older son and his stunning bride in Gibraltar (I know, right? What's wrong with me? the university graduation of the younger son from his Uni in Amsterdam (and MrO's and my equally-significant 'graduation' from years of paying college tuition.) the sale of our US 'home base' of 15 years and ensuing statelessness.(So, yes, things have changed a few times since we packed up with our teenagers to move for just two years to Seoul  back in 2011.  But I digress.)

Since most of the above events were mercilessly endlessly documented (by me and others) on just about every so…

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