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Life in England: Takeaway in the UK

(Note;  For those of you who are curious about the photo above, Deliveroo is a delivery service in the UK (and, I believe, other parts of Europe and Asia) which provides delivery service from a number of different restaurants, some of which normally don't even provide delivery service. Here in Bath, the delivery people are usually seen on bicycles, which is impressive, given that the hills around here are pretty brutal. Apparently they use motorized vehicles in other cities in the UK, but around here the sight of one of these ultra-fit young people toiling up a hill with a Deliveroo box strapped to their back (or the bike) is quite common.  MsC does not know for sure, but can only assume that there is something like this in North America as well.  Or not.)

Along with all of you, MsCaroline has been observing with abject horror great concern the political madness going on at home and abroad.

Here in Great Britain, people are still getting over the post-Brexit shock (whether you we…

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