Expat Mothers - Praise Worth Repeating

MsCaroline and her mum, Bangkok, about 1970

MsCaroline has only been blogging for a few years, so she is not really au courant with all the unwritten rules of blogging.  She figures, though, since it's her blog, she can do whatever the hell she wants as she pleases, and that includes repeating herself.

As many of you may know, today is Mother's Day in the US (and Germany, and a few other countries as well.)  MsCaroline had a nice Skype with her own mum and mother-in-law over her morning coffee, fondled her own newest Kindle ( she will not tell you how many Kindles she has gone through already) and generally enjoyed not thinking about house hunting, which she will be doing more of tomorrow.

But, while she was trying not to think about house hunting, she couldn't help but reflect on the fact  that her own mother (and mother-in-law) had survived not only moving house in a foreign country, but also doing it multiple times (and the amazing thing is that they are both sane today.)  Which, of course, got her to thinking about the incredible things that expat mothers are called upon to do on a regular basis, which got her to thinking about the post she had written about her mum last year on Mother's Day, in which she outlined just a few of her mother's life experiences and how much she loved and admired her, because she had not only survived, but thrived under some pretty challenging circumstances.

And then, because MsCaroline realized she couldn't say it any better than she already had last year, she decided it was worth repeating.  Because if MsCaroline has learned anything in the last 2 years, it's that being an expat mother is a challenge like no other, and her hat is off to all of you who have done it or are doing it now.

So, if you didn't read it last year, or just want to look at some great photos of my lovely mum, take a look at the post I wrote last year.  I don't think I can say it any better than I already have, so This Is For The Expat Mothers - Especially My Own.

Oh, and - Happy Mother's Day.


Marion said…
A great read the second time around as well! Happy Mother's Day!
I enjoyed the post last year and enjoyed reading it again! All very true. I seem to have missed your house hunting post, so good luck with the search and the move. My parents moved five times in 13 years in Hong Kong - not to mention moving back to the UK and then back out again once. I don't remember hearing my Mum complain once, but it must have been a complete nightmare.
MsCaroline said…
Marion - thanks! I knew I really couldn't say it any better a year later!

NVG -I know you, of all people, can relate, and thanks for the good wishes. I don't remember hearing my mum complain either, but I am finding it very challenging to stay positive through this process! All I can say is, thank goodness I don't have really small children!
Holly said…
This reminds me of the comment my mother made when someone asked her what she called her decorating style. Her response - "Early Army".

MsCaroline said…
Holly - Ha! I can just hear her saying that, too! I'm sure my mother would agree!

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