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I've been tagged by Iota over at The Iota Quota to answer a list of random questions.  Frankly, this couldn't have come at a better time (thanks, Iota) because I'm in the midst of the winter doldrums and haven't an ounce of creativity left in my brain for things like blog posts, so it's wonderful to have it more or less taken care of for me! 

  1. What is the view from the window of the room where you are currently sitting?
I'm looking out my balcony window at the window of the apartment building across from me.  If I twist my head waaaaay to the right, I can see the very top of Namsan (South Mountain.)  2 Do you buy lottery tickets? 

 3If you had to live in the Arctic Circle, or on the Equator, which would it be?
After all the ice and snow of the past 3 winters in Seoul, I would take the Equator in a heartbeat.  Preferably near a beach.  With a palm tree.  And - if it could be arranged - no enormous insects or snakes (although I suppose that's pushing it at the Equator.)

4.What's the novel inside you (you know, the one that everyone is supposed to have)?
I've always thought I'd like to write an historical novel about my parents' families - one of those  novels that spans several generations.  Both families were immigrants (one to Canada from England, one from Germany and Austria to the US) and really struggled to raise themselves out of poverty and create better lives for their children and grandchildren.  The settings are very different and -to me - very interesting - the Maritime Provinces of Canada and Boston's South End.  Whether it will ever get written, I have no idea.  

5.Do you still have your wedding dress (if you're married)?
No.  In fact, MrL and I eloped and I bought a very practical street-length dress (in my best shade of blue) that I often wore to work and church afterwards and was often complimented upon.  My response was always, 'Thanks.  It's my wedding dress."  Unfortunately, it was an early 90s model, complete with shoulder pads and enormous gold buttons (it was quite stylish at the time, I assure you) and eventually was sent off to some Goodwill store.  At least I think that's where it went.  Needless to say, I'm not particularly sentimental about things like that.

6.Is your big toe longer or shorter than the one next to it?

7.Name a guilty pleasure.
Reading while I eat.  I know it's a bad habit, but it combines 2 of life's biggest pleasures for me.  I don't do it often (mostly because I'm always trying to lose weight and they always tell you to 'eat mindfully') but very occasionally, I give myself a treat.  "Guilty pleasure" is a perfect description, because I invariably feel guilty when I'm doing it.

8.If you could change one thing you've done in the last week, what would it be?
 I would not try to kick the dog's bed out of the way while carrying a load of laundry.  In that way I would avoid having missed the bed and hit the door frame - full force - and would not now have what is probably a broken little toe.  (It is certainly a lovely shade of violet, broken or not, and resembles a prime pork sausage in girth.)  They don't do anything for broken toes, so I'm just trying to make the best of it with some sports tape and a pair of loose shoes.  Needless to say, walking doesn't feel great - and I walk a LOT.

9.  What's your middle name? (go on, we're all grown-ups now, it's not embarrassing any more)
Renee.  I know several people about my age who also had it as a middle name.  I think it was quite popular (as middle names go) in the 1960s/early 70s.  Of course, when I got married, I took my maiden name as my middle name, so it's technically not my middle name anymore.

10.Can you, with Edith Piaf, say "Je ne regrette rien"? 
No. I regret quite a few things - not so much major decisions ( rarely seem to regret those, like moving to Seoul or buying a 100-year-old house) but actions that might have been thoughtless or unkind.  Looking back with the (ahem) wisdom of age, I can see that there were many times in my life I could have been kinder or more thoughtful but was too young or perhaps ignorant to realize what I was (or wasn't) doing.  Those are the types of things I regret - unintentionally hurting people through my carelessness.

11.What fairy story character do you most identify with? (don't over-think this one)

I don't identify much with the girls in fairy stories (princesses or milkmaids - they always seem to be sort of victims, hanging about, either being rescued or being dutiful and getting rewarded - I'm not crazy about passivity) but as far as fantasy stories go, I would probably identify with Frodo Baggins from the J.R.R. Tolkien novels.  I'm on the short side, I like my home comforts, I'm a bit humdrum and unremarkable, but I mean well and I like to travel.  How's that? ; )

Now I have to:

• Acknowledge the nominating blogger by linking back to their blog – thanks Iota, for including me!

• Invite 11 more bloggers to take up the challenge and give them 11 questions to answer.  I'm looking forward to hearing their answers to my questions.(And as I said above, the best part is, I didn't have to think up a whole new blog post - the questions were actually fun to think up!)  Here they are, intrepid bloggy friends!:

1.  Where is the one place you have lived that you remember most fondly and why?
2.  Is there anything you don't/won't cook?  (I, for example, loathe liver and just don't cook it.  Ever.)
3.  Have you heard the song, "Let it Go" from the movie 'Frozen' and, if so, do you like it?
4.  What is one political or social issue that drives you crazy when people talk about it? (you don't have to give your opinion, just tell what the issue is.)
5. Have you ever made a friend first through blogging/online and only afterwards met her(him) in person? If so, how did you finally meet?
6.  Do  you speak more than one language fluently? If so, how did you learn it? 
7.  If you grew up in a religious household, do you still practice the same religion you grew up with? If not, do you practice a different religion, or no religion at all? 
8.  Do you get regular mani/pedis? If not, do you:  a)get them occasionally; b) do your own or c) settle for keeping your nails neat and clean without worrying about painting them.
9.  Where was the most awful vacation/holiday you have ever taken? What made it so awful  - the location, or the circumstances? Would you go back and try it again under different circumstances?
10.  Have you been watching the Olympics? If so, which events do you enjoy watching the most?
11. Where is one place you haven't yet visited but would absolutely love to go someday?

And I'm asking:


Trish said…
Loved reading these. I read while I eat too, even if it's only the side of the cereal box.
Renee - lovely name.

Eek, just seen my name at the bottom. Will get to work on this :-)
MsCaroline said…
Trish - I know you're busy now with the new column, so it's not a big deal if you haven't got the time. I would love to read your answers, though!!
I read while I eat as well! Is it really that bad?? ;)

Great answers. It's fun to get to know unusual facts about people.
Potty Mummy said…
Perfect! (As in, not only did I enjoy reading your answers, but I have my next blog post more or less written for me, so thankyou!)
Iota said…
Ooh, I like the sound of that novel.
Iota said…
But that toe doesn't sound so good.
MsCaroline said…
Michelloui - Well, I love doing it, but according to all the health and fitness pundits, anything that takes your mind off what you're eating is a bad idea and can lead to eating more...sigh. But (*adds defiantly*) I still do it anyway! ; )
MsCaroline said…
Clare- I like the way you think - and I felt the same way - glad to be of help!
MsCaroline said…
Iota - I do, too, but I think it will be something that ends up being a life's work (i.e., published when I'm in my dotage...)

The toe...yes, just stupid. Completely stupid.
BavarianSojourn said…
I do love to find out random facts about folk, and I too eat while I read! :D Thank you for including me. I have a spot of hectic travel coming up, but I promise I will try! :) xx
Interesting to read your responses too! The historical novel sounds like a goer. And I, too, read while eating (but only when I'm on my own. I think that's allowed).
MsCaroline said…
Emma - I felt bad tagging people because I know we're all busy. If you get around to it, would love to read your answers - if not, don't give it another thought! Enjoy your traveling!
MsCaroline said…
Iota - The problem (or maybe, the fun) with such a novel would be all the research I'd need to do! I have never been to Newfoundland, for example, where my grandfather's brothers ended up when they arrived from England (quite a good story in itself)and would need to really spend some time there (and the rest of the Maritimes) to accurately describe...same goes for South Boston - not that Boston and Canada are such bad places to visit - it's just the time I would need to do it! Re: eating/reading: best done alone, because then no one is interrupting you while you try to read! ; )
Interesting read Caroline and I have done my blog as requested! I eat when I am reading too when I am by myself and think that's just fine. I was fascinated to read about your wedding dress and to find a kindred spirit. I have no idea where my first one is. The second wedding, nearly twenty years ago now, involved a teal coloured suit which has long since gone to the charity shop.
Nance said…
Consider me tagged. I will get on task next week, I promise. It will be a mishmash of both sets of 11, plus maybe one or two that I wander into. Thanks for thinking I'm interesting enough to sustain 11 questions.
MsCaroline said…
Elizabeth - heading over after this to read your answers! And somehow I'm not surprised about that coincidence. I feel sure if we ever got time to sit down and talk in person we'd find many, many more!!!
MsCaroline said…
Nance - Ooooh, I was hoping you'd do it - I knew you'd deliver, and with style. I can't wait to read your responses - both to mine and Iota's!!

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