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(Note:  When I first moved to Seoul, hadn't met anyone yet, and wasn't working, I had ample time to write long, rambling posts about things like my towels and the rain and the sorts of notes that Son#2's school sent home regarding transportation.  Ironically, now that I have actual things to write about that actually might be worth reading, I have almost no time to write about them, which means I'm resorting to lazy techniques like lists and photographs.  In my defense, at least I got a post in between Silent Sundays.  That is all.)

Yes, I know, I've been neglecting my blog horribly, but things have been busy here in the last few weeks -really!
  • Son#2 headed to London - and returned without incident, although I lost a certain amount of credibility when it failed to rain a single time during the 9 days he was in London.  I can only assume the skies opened up the second he left the country.  I was also quite puzzled by the fact that he complained about the Tube being difficult to navigate, and not nearly as easy as using the Seoul Metro.  He failed to see any irony at all in the fact that he cannot read or speak much Korean at all, while the Tube is marked in (what is presumably) his native language.  
  •  Son#1 returned home from University,
  •  Son#3(honorary) had his first leave 4.5 months after beginning his mandatory Korean military service, and was thunderstruck to find Son#1 (who he had not expected to be back in Korea) there to welcome him - it was one of the most satisfying surprises I have ever orchestrated and a wonderful reunion between friends. Naturally, this made it all the harder for him to return to his duty station after his leave was up....
  • Son#1's high school friend, R, made the trip out from Texas to visit us and is here experiencing a taste of life in the Land of the Morning Calm. We are all driving him crazy with our own suggestions for what we think he needs to see, which is complicated since he only has 2 weeks.  He is an unfailingly pleasant and cheerful houseguest, and does thoughtful things like rinsing off his dishes when he's finished eating.  My own children are tired of me pointing out the fact that he does this without being reminded.
  • We celebrated Buddha's birthday with a parade, lanterns, and a visit to one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Seoul.
  • hiked up a couple of mountains
  • were lucky enough to be invited to attend our first-ever wedding in Korea (and yes, I cried.  It was just beautiful.) xx and congratulations again if you're reading this, J&J!
  • changes in my job and workload for next year are under discussion (good, but different)
  • MrL's office has moved to a city approximately 1 hour South of Seoul; he is now commuting at least 1.5 hours each way on the train and stays down there some nights at a generous co-worker's apartment, which we have dubbed 'Man Camp:'  Red meat is eaten, beer is consumed, bicycles are ridden, iron is pumped. This takes some of the commuting strain off of MrL, but (necessarily) changes things just a bit back here on the home front.
  • Along with about 75% of the expat community here in Seoul, we are preparing to head back home for at least part of the summer.  I am working on my lists of Things To Buy Back Home That Just Can't Be Found in Seoul as well as my list of Things To Buy To Take To People Back Home That Can't Be Found in the US.
Oh, and there's that pesky work thing, too.

I'll leave you to figure out which photos relate to which descriptions, and extend a (weak and vague) promise to fill you in with details when I get around to it as soon as possible....


Trish said…
It's good to be busy, but hard on the blogging. On the plus side, there's so much info in this post, I don't know where to start in my comment!

So pleased Son#2 enjoyed London and yes, the heavens opened after he left. Do thank him for me ;-)

You must be missing MrL while he's in Man Camp. Does he send you a daily text??
MsCaroline said…
I can't wait to tell him that one!
(in fact, we've been Skyping. He's been quite far.)
I'll be sure to convey your thanks to Son#2. I showed him photos online of the very-damp-jubilee festivities but I got the impression he thought I'd photoshopped them all just to prove myself right...
Always glad to have our children near. My son (Son on the blog) is finishing his first week of a summer internship, wearing coat and tie daily. I get a little lump in my throat when he comes down the stairs: who is this man, and what has he done to the little boy I once knew??

Love your photos, thanks for a little insight into life in Seoul.
Karen said…
Quick comment before I have been so busy with such wonderful activities! I hope the job change is a positive one. We have accomplished graduation! I only cried a little, thanks to superhuman effort, Dad is coming home from the hospital today and we are also heading for NYC to see Phantom of the Opera! All good, here, too!
Stacy said…
I LOVE the wedding photo of the bride and groom in Western garb but still bowing to each other!

Right after I started my blog, I read some tips about blogging and one of the first hints was, never apologize for not posting. Just move on like you were there yesterday and most people will never be aware that's it's been a while. :) Meanwhile, I enjoyed all your updates! Have fun Stateside!

MsCaroline said…
Linda - I understand completely! It's still hard for me to look at this young man and realize he's my first 'baby.'
MsCaroline said…
Karen - yes, it's been a bit crazy - the job news is just that I'll be teaching (ESL) in the elementary and possibly high school next year in addition to kindergarten - more planning, but also a chance to use a little bit more of my 'expertise' (the kindergarteners are cute, but the little ones have never been my particular field of interest.)
MsCaroline said…
Stacy - that photo was my absolute favorite, too. In fact, I did not even take it - got it from a mutual friend - but loved it so much that I just had to use it. There were some really neat parts where the couple also made special bows to their parents - I have to say, I loved the inclusion of the parents in this wedding - not only bowing as a sign of respect to both sets of parents, but also each set of parents made a speech offering advice to the young couple. The traditional Korean ceremony (held after the Western one) included more of the same.
As far as not apologizing goes - that makes a lot of sense, and I think I will take your advice in the future. I always feel odd apologizing anyway - as though I'm assuming that there's this horde of people who are all clamoring for more blog updates! - seems a bit conceited.
In this case, I'm sure you're right and the less said, the better, just move on!
BavarianSojourn said…
Great photographs! You do indeed sound busy!

Glad Son#2 had fun in my town! No-one ever believes me when I tell them it doesn't rain every day!!

An exciting summer ahead! I hope you are taking lots of empty cases back home? We got back from Prague this afternoon, and there was a Marks and Spencers there! I filled our boot (trunk) with lovely goodies from home. It was fabulous! :)

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