A Piece of New Year's Advice From MsCaroline

Yes, this illustration is ironic.

For those of you who have been wondering, I am no longer in Thailand and, yes, it was a lovely getaway, and (most importantly) very warm.  I've been feeling a bit guilty, since I've hardly blogged at all and have not even come up with a witty, luminous (or at least amusing) New Year's post, much less shared some of the highlights of our trip, which included a monkey named Mr. Jack, Russian holidaymakers, and a silly misunderstanding in Bangkok which (as some of you may know) is a place known for its sex tourism.

Let it not be said, though, that MsCaroline cannot provide meaningful New Year's insight:  I therefore pass on this piece of wisdom to you, my readers:

If you happen to be a middle-aged woman living in Asia and have a son who is returning to the US for university, and
If you plan to accompany that son to the US to get him settled in there, and
If you happen to plan a family trip just before that to Thailand during the winter holidays, 
Do not, under any circumstances, schedule the return trip from Thailand a mere 48 hours before you get back on a plane to the US,
because, 3 hours into the international flight, you may be smitten with a violent tummy bug (caught God only knows where) and spend most of the rest of the flight in the airplane lavatory, wishing for death.
Oh, you will survive.  You will be dehydrated, sleep-deprived, and incredibly terribly unbelievably hugely embarrassed, but you will survive. 

And you will still have to drag yourself and your luggage through the lunatic merry-go-round of international customs and immigration in San Francisco before you embark on yet another 3-hour flight( followed by a drive of approximately the same length) to the peace and quiet of your in-laws' house on the river(where Son#1s car has been stored), where you will collapse in a grateful heap and sleep more or less around the clock until you have to get up and make the 6-hour drive with Son #1to get to the University the next day.

You have been warned.

Happy New Year!


Ow, doesn't sound good! I hate travelling. I used to do it all the time but reading something like this makes me want to stay firmly in my little house in the hills by the wood burner. Hope you are fully recovered and son installed and happy.
MsCaroline said…
Thanks Elizabeth, unfortunately, I've just arrived in the US and have a while to go before heading home. I'm feeling better, though, and that helps! I do admit to longing for my own bed many times during that trip, though!
Karen said…
Nothing worse than a tummy bug when your own home (and "facilities") are not available. I flinched in sympathy at your description of your flight. So glad it is over...I hope the rest of your trip goes well. Thinking of you as you face your "errand" in Texas. The closer I get the harder that "off to college" moment seems. And to think that I once longed for it so much (round about age 13 that was). It doesn't seem like such a good idea now! Enjoy your visits with family and friends, Carolyne. Hope you your soon feeling better!
Frances said…
Oh poor you. Gippy tum is bad enough in your own home! Hope your trip back is much pleasanter
MsCaroline said…
Karen- silver lining in this situation was I have been so miserably ill that I have not had time to feel sad, sentimental, or even teary for a second...it's an ill wind that blows no good, right?

Frances - I'm hoping so, too, but I'm seriously considering abstaining from food and drink before I fly this time just to be safe! ; )
Marion said…
Sorry you had to go through that but ARE YOU HERE???
MsCaroline said…
Yep, I'm here! I'll email you!
Trish said…
Oh the thought of having a tummy upset on a plane is awful. I'm just imagining people queuing up outside and you having nowhere comfortable to 'die in peace'.

Did your son get to Uni ok?
oh you poor thing! That sounds horrendous! It's always been a fear of mine, getting sick on an airplane - tonnes of sympathy coming your way. Hope you're feeling better and a big hug to you as you drop son#1 at Uni...goodness that must be hard. Hope you get to see some family and friends while you're there to make it a bit easier. Xxx
MsCaroline said…
@Trish: That was one of my concerns, too, which contributed to my 'death wish' but I was lucky (if you can call it that) that the worst of it was happening during the part of the flight where the lights were off and most people were sleeping. I'm actually still in the US, waiting to get Son#1 moved into his residence, which doesn't open for a few more days.
MsCaroline said…
Circles - it has always been a fear of mine, and - as I learned - with very good reason. I have a feeling that I will never be able to fly again without wanting to fast for 24 hours before the flight! So far I'm handling the Uni transition OK but of course I'm still here with him! I suspect when it's time to head back to Seoul it will be very, very difficult.

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