Empty House

Warning:  For those of you who read for general amusement and the occasional laugh,  I'll have to warn you that this post doesn't contain much of either.  To paraphrase 'K' in the movie  'Men in Black', MsCaroline no longer has a sense of humor that she is aware of.

Things are winding down to a close here.  We've been shuttling between hotel and emptying house, watching them box, wrap, and remove for the last 4 days and we're all worn down.  Even the kids are tired of it, although - being male - they couldn't resist turning all of the big open spaces into impromptu wrestling arenas, making me - as the only real adult present - roll my eyes, wince, and occasionally point out that someone was going to get hurt. (Mr. Logical, of course, found it all to be great fun and joined in on more than one occasion, so I'm standing by the 'only adult' comment.)

I'm so tired and drained that I've lost most of my cynical sense of humor, although I'm still sufficiently jaded to note that both of my children seem to be very comfortable living a nomadic lifestyle and would likely adjust quickly to life beneath an underpass.

The storage people, having shrouded all of our remaining furniture in brown paper padding, have loaded it onto the truck, ready to bear it off to a storage facility where it will sit for months and years, still and silent, awaiting our return.  The house is empty except for fragments of packing tape and the accumulated dust and debris of the last six years of our lives here. Tomorrow, we get up in the dark and head for the airport and our new lives in Seoul.

We're ready for - and excited about - this new chapter in our lives, but we're all having a hard time finishing the present chapter.  The last days of packing and moving have also been full of  shared meals, hugs that will have to last for years, laughter, fond reminiscing, and teary goodbyes.  We have been loved, supported, helped, encouraged, blessed, cheered, and prayed for.

Which makes it that much harder to leave.


Karen said…
"fighting back tears"
By the time you read this you will be exhausted but gearing up for your new adventure. The hard goodbyes are over, yet your friends remain. You haven't lost them!!
As for kids who adjust so easily to chaos....I have always said that mine would live in squalor quite cheerfully. No problem!
Hope you are doing OK....the hard part is over!
Wilma said…
Thanks for the tears! :) I have seen by your status updates that you're already well on your way to the other side of the world. I know it's hard but it's also very exciting. And just think--soon you'll be able to see the penis fish in person and you get to attend Mr. Logical's "Seminar on How to Turn On Lights and Flush The Toilet." *grin* It's all good!

Hails said…
The goodbyes are always hard, but it sounds like you have some amazing friends who will always be in your life no matter where you go. Plus, the adventure makes it a little easier! :) Hope you've arrived safely, and I look forward to meeting you some day when you've settled in!
MsCaroline said…
@Karen & Wilma: thanks so much for the encouraging words. Didn't mean to bring anyone to tears, but I *did* warn you upfront that I wasn't going to be my usual obnoxious self.. ; )
@Hails: (took me a second to figure out who you were!) Very true, we are blessed...and thank you so much for not writing this comment in French! Glad to see you're preparing yourself, though.. ; )

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