When graphics really don't help at all...

Yes, yes, we're in a city of 12 million people with innumerable fabulous restaurants, but sometimes you just need a Snickers bar (or its Korean equivalent.) Or some Häagen-Dazs. Or (in Mr. Logical's case) a beer.  And when the mood strikes, where do you go? Right.  You go to 7-Eleven, mere steps across the street from our temporary quarters and shoehorned into a space roughly the size of my utility room back home.  It's a perfectly good 7-Eleven, though, and it has everything that a convenience store shopper could want or need.  But one thing has been waking me up in the wee small hours of the night, and I know once you see this bag, you, too, will be wondering about it:

I know, I know, it's killing you, isn't it? Me too.  I am just dying to know, and I promise to post as soon as I learn the answer to the burning question:  What's the pig about?


Hails said…
I fear it will be less interesting when you know, but... in Korea the pig is believed to bring (amongst other things) money and good luck. In this case, it's a symbol for a lottery ticket, letting you know that you can play at your helpful 7-Eleven. Disclaimer: I haven't been told this for sure, but I knew the pig=money and luck belief, and I know the word under him in this picture means 'lottery ticket', so I took a guess. ;)
MsCaroline said…
I had a feeling you would know, and despite your disclaimer, I'm sure you're right! At least I won't be kept up at night wondering any more. And you're right...it is far less interesting than I had hoped, but I guess I needed to learn sometime.

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