'Tis The Season Already.....Even In Korea

Christmas is on its way at our local e-Mart (kind of the Korean version of Super Target.)

MsCaroline is no Grinch, and believes that Christmas music should be a legitimate option year-round, but she really didn't expect to find Christmas consumerism rearing its ugly head quite so soon.  Especially in Korea.


Potty Mummy said…
Awful, isn't it? I can beat that though - I heard 'Last Christmas' being played on the radio in August this year...
Trish said…
It's already started in the UK too.

I used to work for the department store, John Lewis, and was in charge of the Christmas section one year. We used to have to set it up in the first week of September. I remember that year, whilst filling the shelves, a very glamorous woman walked by, lifted her sunglasses up, peered at the display and said, "Christmas? But I've still got a tan!"
I'm trying to convince my husband that our next relocation should be to the Philippines, where Christmas is heavily and unapologetically celebrated in all the "Ber" months of September through December. I just love Christmas that much! All the Starbucks in Shanghai are decked out for the holidays as of a week ago, and all the other retail outlets are slowly following suit.
Stacy said…
Without the constraints of Halloween decorations, as we have in the US, it seems Christmas comes early all around the world. If it weren't for Halloween, and the candy and costumes that need selling, I think the US would be the same!

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