From the Land of the Morning Calm: About that beer...

I guess it is my turn to chime in here, as the jetlag starts to wear off..

I'm settled in at the "Serviced Apartment", and yes, the lights do work.. (although it sure would have been handy for the bellhop to show me that master switch by the door...). The apartment is very comfortable, and the convenience of having free breakfast and a shuttle to the office is definitely a plus. It's pretty plush with just me here in a 2-bedroom unit, since it gives me a place to store luggage, laundry waiting to be ironed, etc., but it would get crowded quickly with the rest of the family here. I'll definitely look to get a larger unit in June.

While i haven't had a chance to tour around yet, I've seen enough to be excited about all the things that Seoul has to offer. The architecture is amazing, and the city is bustling at all hours. It's a neat mix of modern and traditional in everything from the people to the stores to the buildings. I've had a few meals out, and have not been disappointed yet.

Monday night, I went across the street to the 7-Eleven (not kidding) and bought a few cans of the local brew, "Cass". The tagline on the can is "Sound of Vitality" and "Ultimate refreshment with fizzy and crisp taste", so I was intrigued.. I have to say, I was somewhat underwhelmed. It's kind of like slighly sour Pabst, very forgetable. I did discover last night that if you drop a shot of Soju (Sweet-Potato based liquor) in it, it is much better.

I'll be shopping for real beer this weekend (or a bottle of Soju to cut the Cass). Life is too short to drink bad beer..


Mr Logical


Wilma said…
Glad to hear you found a 7-11 with beer. Sorry it's crap beer though. I am curious to know do they have Slurpees? That's what I would be running over there for. Husband would be wanting the beer though. LOL
MisterLogical said…
Sorry, Wilma, no slurpees.. you would have to make due with the shrimp-flavored cheetoes, or the shrink-wrapped meat-on-a-stick.

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