Moving Chronicles: In which Mr. Logical Departs (but the dog stays)

So Mr. Logical left this morning for Seoul.  He'll be there until early June, when he'll be back to attend Son #1s high school graduation, after which we'll accompany him back to the Land of the Morning Calm.

For the next 7 weeks, however, the boys and I will just have to bumble along, bereft of Mr. Logical's unique skill set and quirky sense of humor.  (Honesty compels me to admit that, while I will miss the sense of humor, I'll still be able to get the benefit of that on Skype.  On the other hand, who will adjust the damn automatic sprinkler system?)

For those of you who are wondering how I'm holding up, I'm just fine, thanks, mostly due to the fact that I still have my dog.   I simply couldn't face the thought of jettisoning Mr. Logical and the dog both on the same day, so the dog will be with us a few weeks longer and will fly, instead of drive, to Calgary.  As much as I know driving would be less stressful for him than flying, the unfortunate truth is that having to give him up two months before our departure was too stressful for me.   I realize that this is selfish, but a woman can only take so much.  The next 7 weeks will be full of their own fun and games as I cope on my own with all the moving-related chaos as well as wrapping up the instructional year at my own job and preparing for Son #1's graduation. Don't begrudge me my dog.

I did much better at the airport than I'd expected, due to the fact that I was distracted.   This was primarily because the boys (teenagers, remember) had both literally rolled out of bed to accompany us and looked like vagrants.  I was slightly concerned that, if they lingered too long in any one spot, someone in authority might try to remove them from the premises.  This itinerant look was accentuated by the fact that we were walking through the airport carrying a variety of rejected items from Mr. Logical's suitcases. (Mr. Logical had overpacked and was told that, in order to avoid  astronomical overweight surcharges, he would have to reduce each bag's weight by 2.3 lbs.  You'll be happy to know that he was able to do it successfully.  However, the clothing had to go somewhere, which is where the boys and I come in.) You try walking through the airport carrying armfuls of loose clothing and shoes sometime and you'll see what I mean.  Needless to say, with all that on my mind, I wasn't able to fully appreciate the enormity of what was about to transpire, and was able to say my goodbyes without making a scene.  I know this came as a huge relief to both Mr. Logical and the boys.

Not to say there weren't some tender moments.  Right before we got to security, Mr. Logical took it upon himself  to impart some final fatherly wisdom to his sons.  His statement was (and I quote):  "Help your Mama.  Remember, her level of sanity will be inversely proportional to the amount of stuff you leave lying around."

Truer words were never spoken.


Unknown said…
Perfectly said! Great post; socks on the floor beware.

Karen said…
Having a good laugh at this post, Carolyne! Parallels continue with us...We were in airports yesterday as well, en route to San Francisco. Spent Friday evening buying a new suitcase because all those "extra" items were not going to fit and walking through the airport with extras wasn't going to work. We did manage and all our luggage came in underweight. Saw a Korean Air jet and thought of you...wondered when Chandler was leaving. Was also extremely distracted and bothered by son with greasy hair that is way too long and schleppy clothes. Gotta love teenage boys! Hang in there...7 weeks will fly by. And refuse to feed the boys until they get the sprinkler system running!
PS....raining in SF!
MsCaroline said…
@Chris: Thanks. There's no question that I will absolutely have a nervous breakdown if I find a single abandoned sock...

@Karen: Now, see, where were all the supportive other moms of teenage boys when I was in the airport? All I saw was people looking at them and avoiding eye contact, like one of the boys might hit them up for some spare change. I don't know how it works in SF, but in San Diego, the rain always goes away by lunchtime. Can't wait to hear about the adventures when you get back!
Marion said…
Wish we were there to help out, even with just a shoulder and and an ear. Glad Shiner is there for the duration - good choice. He'll be fine on the plane, another doggie adventure for him. Every dog gets to ride in a car, he can brag to his doggie friends about the flight! Must talk soon, call when things calm down - or when you have a moment even when they don't! Time will fly by, it always seems to here. Positive thoughts your way.

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