Moving Chronicles: The Post About Nothing

(With apologies to Jerry Seinfeld)

And so, Gentle Readers, while Mr. Logical has been entertaining you with witty narrative and fascinating photos from the Far East, I'm still here, holding down the fort in suburbia.  I don't have a single entertaining photograph or even an amusing anecdote to share, since I've spent the last week or so recovering from gum graft surgery.  And yes, I am back among the living now, after 4 days' worth of scuttling around upstairs, hiding my disfigured face in the shadows like something out of Phantom of the Opera.   I have no idea why I didn't realize that I'd be down and out for more than an afternoon;  I even went so far as to plan on going shopping the day after surgery, which, in hindsight, was pretty stupid.  I am clearly either an incurable optimist or (more likely) I simply didn't pay attention to the surgeon when he was talking about how long I'd need to recuperate. The procedure wasn't nearly as  painful as I'd feared, but the whole process of recovery has been annoying, mostly because I can't eat anything interesting.  Had my thoughtful neighbor not brought me a container of homemade soup, I probably just would have starved to death out of sheer boredom.

The worst side effect I 've experienced is the fact that it hurts to talk - even after 6 days.  Since I am a teacher, and my job is to talk, it's made things a bit difficult, especially since I teach German, which is a language that, by its nature, requires a great deal of robust and precise oral articulation.  (I've found the 'ö' particularly challenging due to the placement of the grafts, for those who are interested in details.) English, you can mumble.  Not so easy in German.  Fortunately for me, this is state testing week in our district, which means that the students spend every morning of the week either reviewing for, or taking, high-stakes standardized tests.  Of course, by the time they get to me in the afternoon, they are stunned into apathy and can no longer absorb new information.  As a result, we've been doing a lot of  review, and, since I don't have to explain any new concepts, work can proceed without too much input from me beyond brief statements, preferably those not containing the letter ö.

In other news, the boys continue to be unnaturally helpful and cooperative, and  I continue to take full advantage of it.

Oh.  And I still have my dog.

Life is good.


Wilma said…
I'm glad to hear that you're back to the land of the living. Sorry about the difficulty pronouncing that certain letter. Not being a German speaker I have no clue what it sounds like or how it's formed. LOL Also glad to hear the boys are remaining helpful. Like I said before--cherish it! *grin*
MsCaroline said…
Believe me, I realize my days are numbered! The ö is formed by (mostly) pursing the lips (think 'oooooo' sound, but not quite). The grafts are over my top two canines(eyeteeth, whatever) so the ö results in both pressure on the grafts and pulling of the sutures. I've gotten very creative in my statements lately...

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